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Jun 28, 2019

  Hello friends in this blog i will show all the information related bajaj finserv emi card.


(1) Can i transfer money from bajaj emi card to bank account?
 No you can't transfer money from bajaj to bank.

 (2) Where you can use bajaj finserv emi card?
 you can use bajaj finserv emi card to purchase all offline and online products. using emi card you can purchase online products like mobile,tv etc
(3) Can i pay electricity bill with bajaj emi card?
No u can't pay electricity bill.this is not a credit card or debit card.this emi card only use to purchase products.               

(4) Is there any way for taking cash from bajaj emi card?
there are no any way to taking cash from bajaj emi card.this card only use to purchasing products.

(5) Can students apply bajaj finserv emi card?
No student can't apply bajaj emi card.you need to be age between 21 to 60 years and atleast on of the your income source.


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